Manufacturing execution systems

A manufacturing execution system (MES) is a control system for managing and monitoring work-in-process on a factory floor. MES keeps track of all manufacturing information in real time, receiving up-to-the-minute data from robots, machine monitors and employees.

Such systems have to be in place to coordinate and synchronize people, processes, equipment, tooling and materials to ensure cost-efficient and timely manufacturing.

There are huge amount of companies on the market offering ready solutions for different Industries (specialty chemicals manufacturing, pharmaceuticals, food & beverage, consumer packaged goods, metals and many other with either single or multi-plant operations).

Starting from 2004 our technical specialists successfully implemented several bespoke large-scale MES projects. Among them manufacturing execution systems for wire and pipe production, hot-dip galvanizing lines.

Majority of these solutions were designed, developed from scratch including client side and system implementation. Some customers required the adaptation of the existing modules only.

Here we wanted to summarize our experience in details to give you a better understanding:

MES for hot-dip galvanizing line (10 years)

DB & software development, support, implementation and business analytics for MES

MES for wire manufacturer (2 years)

DB & software development, business analytics, support, system implementation and staff training

MES for pipe manufacturer (1 year)

System design, database design, DB & software development, business analytics, support, system implementation, staff training

Based on MES functions:

Resource Allocation and Status (RAS)

Maintenance, repair and operations subsystem with history of usage of each resource, planned/fact maintenances.

Operations/ Detail Scheduling (ODS)

Planning of internal commercial orders, planning of synchronized commercial/work orders. Suggestions/validation and visualization of the queue.

Dispatching Production Units (DPU)

Dispatching and alerts for each processing stage with possibility of automated/manual re-planning.

Document Control (DOC)

Dynamic reports for all existing data, long-term archiving of printed reports, certificates and all primary documentation.

Data Collection/ Acquisition (DCA)

Two-way integration with L2-L3-L4 systems, long-term archiving of collected data.

Labor Management (LM)

Simple integrated subsystem for personal management, integration with specialized external systems.

Quality Management (QM)

Two-way integration with chemical/technical laboratories. Test results become a part of material unit history. Block shipping of inconsistent with requirements material units.

Process Management (PM)

Visualization of processing queue, automated and template based settings for processing equipment

Maintenance Management (MM)

as part of RAS

Product Tracking and Genealogy

Tracking of material units starting from incoming to outgoing certificates. Full history for the each unit with its genealogy and
technical/physical/chemical characteristics.

Performance Analysis

Dynamic reports based on templates, KPI

We would be glad to look into details of your project, come up with concrete suggestions and provide a free estimation.

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