CIB doXima – a professional document management, archiving, and lifecycle management solution

CIB doXima offers efficient document management and secure archiving. And the integration with the company’s already established product family named CoMod (CIB office Module) results in a complete continuous system.

How to get your documents under control

CoMod is a modular solution which offers all tools and functions necessary for successful creation and editing of documents. CIB doXima assists you in dealing with documents without a media break through their complete life cycle within the company.

CIB doXima offers practical approach and professional document management from a single source. Profound knowledge of the subject and decades of experience enable us to meet your requirements individually – from in-box through template creation up to revision-proof archiving.


Companies and organizations’ unique network rules and settings require different approaches to storage and structuring. Extensive and flexible search options enable users to quickly find the required information and documents. Additionally, you can personalize your user interface adjusting it to your daily routine tasks. And thanks to individual settings, you can easily remove unnecessary functions from your user dashboard. The version-controlled filing of documents, including change history, and logging as well as an integrated messaging and routing system, promote and support your flawless teamwork.

Main Features:

  • audit proof archiving
  • choice of manual or automated mass-indexing
  • integrated message and forwarding system which supports your flawless teamwork
  • extensive and flexible search
  • version-controlled filing
  • role-based permission system, fast definition of access rights
  • Office-Plug-Ins smooth integration
  • User-interface personalization tools
  • integrated forms management and editing
  • digital signatures support.

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