About us

CIB software is a professional full-cycle software development company. Among the main areas of our expertise are:

  • mobile and web software development
  • MVP design and development
  • document management systems engineering
  • machine learning models development and implementation

The main advantages of working with our company are:

If you’re interested in our expertise you may wonder why CIB is your best choice. Among the main advantages of working with our company are:

  • European management and customer-oriented approach
  • East European hourly rates
  • substantial domain expertise
  • flexible cooperation conditions
  • building up new teams according to your requirements

To learn more about our services, rates and conditions please contact us.

To get a more clear vision of your benefits in collaboration with us you can simply describe your project. We provide a free evaluation first that help you understand the advantages of using our expertise.

CIB Software OOO
Gikalo str., 3-12
Belarus 220005
Phone: +375 17 284 99 48, +49 89 143 60 253, +49 89 143 60 267