Bespoke software development

Bespoke or tailor-made software development is the unique services designed to help companies use our expertise in a short- or long-term projects without making huge investments into building up own resources.

Our objective is to help companies grow, expand and prosper through resource optimization, time and cost saving, and technological enhancement. There can be different types and programs of cooperation depending on the company’s size, maturity, industry, level of technological processes. A young startup company and a large financial enterprise would pursue different goals and face different problems. We feel this difference instinctively and solve both problems smoothly.

Our model is lucid – we are 100% flexible to offer the services best suitable for our customers with the firmness in key fundamentals:

  • European principles in work and cooperation
  • customer-oriented approach and promotion of long-term close relations

For startups we provide the opportunity for a more rapid growth and access to the best software development resources and ready expertise. There is an additional advantage in cooperation with CIB for young companies allowing them to get internationalized early.

Our deep expertise and vast technological experience in a number of areas like document management and publishing, financial area, machine learning offers an extreme potential for small and medium companies in IT.

To learn more about our services, rates and conditions please contact out team.

To get a more clear vision of your benefits in collaboration with us you can simply describe your project. We provide a free evaluation and beta actions-plan to everyone just as a thanks for your interest in our expertise.

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