CIB conference: with eye on innovation

In CIB group, we have a tradition to come together at so-called summits. And the last of these regular meetings was held at the Renaissance Hotel in Minsk on September 8. And yet with no palm trees and ocean waves background this time but with tons of exciting reports and lively discussions instead.

The honor to start the reports section was given to the team involved in research and development in one of the company’s key areas. CIB has long been investing into machine learning and artificial intelligence. And starting from 2016, it collaborates with the German Fraunhofer Institute on the DeepER (Deep Learning Extended Range Character Recognition) research project. The goal of the project is to develop an intelligent software solution for optical character recognition based on deep learning technologies. And the purpose of the team’s report, in its turn, was to introduce both older and new employees with the latest achievements in this strategic domain.

Deep Learning

For any commercial company, it is of paramount importance to realize where the business is going and what are the plans and objectives. Thus, the sales & marketing department took the word. Over the past year, the company's activities have been expanded both technologically and geographically, not least thanks to new projects in bespoke software development services and technical cooperation. A tremendous work has been done in marketing as well but it was far more important to emphasize the strategy that the company aims to follow.

CIB Marketing

The report by the newly formed QA/testing department was probably the most anticipated that day. It was the first public speaking experience for the rapporteurs, but nonetheless, the presentation was highly appreciated by the audience.


The more routine for that kind of events but no less exciting reports were stored for the final part of the first section. As tradition dictates, they were focused on the company’s products - doXima (a complete document lifecycle management solution) and doXisafe (a free app for scanning, storage, and transfer of files) which came with improved functionality and new features for users.

CIB doXisafe

It was the first time when the classic format of CIB summits had to be changed, in order to give the company's employees a chance to come up with their own startup projects. People, their skills, talent, and ideas - this is how the company’s main assets are formulated by CIB management. Everyone was granted the opportunity to speak with a pitch deck and enlist financial and technical support from the company.

CIB Startups

One of the most fruitful and spirited conferences ended with a traditional dinner where lively discussions progressed in a less formal atmosphere.

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