PiterPy 2017: CIB among key partners of major python conference

PiterPy, one of the Europe’s biggest conferences dedicated to Python programming language, took place in St Petersburg on November 3-4, having gathered experts from all near abroad. It was the fourth time in a row when the Russia’s Northern capital hosted this event.

There was our lead software engineer & scientist, Nikolay Karelin, among the conference’s key speakers who was acting also as moderator and member of the program committee. To affirm the company’s even bigger interest in the topic CIB software was one of the major partners of PiterPy 2017.

The main agenda featured several reports on Python application in Machine Learning as well as numerous presentations of new functionality, libraries, and projects. Some “big names” of the Python community like Andrey Svetlov, the Ukrainian programmer widely known as one of the language’s core developers, were also among the speakers and guests. And since this year’s PiterPy shared the stage with another tech forum, LinuxPiter, the participants of one conference had an opportunity to attend the presentations and panel discussions of another.

What regards Nikolay’s section, he talked about the Jupyter Notebook system - an interactive development environment widely applied in Machine Learning and other scientific areas. Additionally, it is used for exchanging results and learning. In his presentation, our expert described two approaches to Jupyter Notebook, as to an interactive document and a specialized web application. He also delved on how these two approaches are reflected in the notebook architecture and which approach one shall choose for a specific project.

CIB Software research and development team has been actively using Python for a long time on its Machine Learning-based projects. Specifically, on those tied to advanced document and image processing and analysis, natural language processing (NLP), and Deep Learning.

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