We call it "CIBmas": 2017 Christmas party held in Munich

“Let's have fun!” With these words, Ulrich Brandner, the CEO of CIB group, started the company’s annual Christmas event.

For just one day, the company’s headquarters in Munich got as loud and crowded as it never was, having gathered CIB employees from all offices in Germany, Spain, and Belarus.

The organizers prepared a unique agenda combining both the official and entertaining parts. On Friday, all the participants had the opportunity to compete with their colleagues in ping-pong, table soccer and billiards contests. Besides, everyone could take part in the competition intriguingly called "swarm intelligence", as well as demonstrate their proficiency in dealing with the company’s doXibox and doXisafe products.

The central part of the first day was the presentation recapping the company’s main landmarks in 2017 and setting the goals for 2018. The official part led to a festive dinner and a lively party.

The truly surprising gift awaited the guests of the so-called “CIBmas party”on Saturday. Have you ever made a sightseeing tour on a fancy tram driving you along the outstanding tourist attractions without even keeping you from enjoying your brunch? This is exactly how CIB employees spent their Saturday morning in the Bavarian capital.

The exciting program, impeccable organization, friendly team, and amazing atmosphere of the enchanting pre-Christmas Munich created a truly festive mood and a memorable experience for everyone.

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